Game of Thrones S7 E4 - The Spoils of War

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Game of Thrones S7 E4 - The Spoils of War

Post by embleton » Fri Aug 11, 2017 10:22 pm

Game of Thrones S7 E4 – The Spoils of War.

Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) appearances in several films; X-Men, Pixels, Ice Age 4... TV programmes; a real star in the performing arts and GoT. Tyrion and Jon Snow (Kit Harington) are the memorial characters in GoT. Tyrion jumps off the screen as the Queen’s hand. Jon Snow is an army leader.

Stark sisters and brother Bran are reunited, the younger Lady Stark has a kill list and has visions. Lady Stark will fight for the north kingdom and their survival. Tyrion has taken Casterly Rock, but loses three ships. The Dragons Queen will send her dragons to Red Keep. The royal fights her protector whilst training, with swords and knifes with vigour in preparation.

Ten thousand solders survive a battle in the north. A spectacular scene of the hills and landscape with a defending kingdom as an army approaches, they line themselves up in preparation, but the dragon burns them to hell. A smouldering kingdom’s army fight on with blood and glory around them. The dragon is hit by arrows and attacks the army fearlessly with fire. Blood and gore, fire and smouldering figures cover the battlefield. The dragon’s gruesomeness in its full glory stands firm and is hit by spear that Jaime (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) fires and its death may follow, and Drogon the dragon shouts out with pain. The dragons queen hopefully will save the dragon; suspense for the next episode!

GoT isn’t my cup of tea, but with spectacular cinematographic content and wonderful wardrobe, it’s no wonder it’s so popular. The Spoils of War is my favourite episode for its the only one I’ve watched, and enjoyed!

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