The colour of mystic style of musical fantasy

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The colour of mystic style of musical fantasy

Post by embleton » Tue Jan 12, 2016 8:01 am

The emotional impact of TV musically and visually in the arts often has one crying joyfully, even more so when hysterically dynamically representatively presented. Often I listen, watch and analyses in the ear the dynamic musical artistic talent more representative than the populistic view, espectially amazing the abilities of the artistic talent that is on TV with choreographic representation, whether that be basic or more composed in an artistic graphical sense, or so more in a mystical colour style graphically represented of an amazing spherical assault on the senses, like being on acid or more realistically in a manic bipolar emotional stylistic sense for me; tangerine dream and pink floyd are favourites of mine among others for they are a amazing composure of rhythmic style, so amazing emotionally stylistic, more representative of the realistic life style one takes in artistic musical colour with the mystically amazing realities of the universe.

Firestarter was one of the films that inspires oneself with the music backing done by tangerine dream, I especially liked the scene when volunteers take the hit on an experimental drug, with their psychedelic experiences and the music so representive of that era pounding and cycling in ones ears, with the violence of telekinesis slashing around.

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