A Beautiful Mind.

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A Beautiful Mind.

Postby embleton » Thu Aug 03, 2017 12:03 pm

A biography of John Nash, played by Russell Crowe. Starts out is postgraduate studies in Princeton. Studying mathematics too a doctorate. Stars of colour brightly flash before his eyes in the opening scenes. Portraying the geniuses outlook on the complexities of mathematical reality, so true of an enquiring mind.

Nash struggles with an original idea for his thesis that troubles him profoundly. With outbreaks of emotional disturbances with his roommate Charles, played by Paul Bettany.

With the withdrawal from a girl, after approaching one frankly and directly without discretion. Gets him slapped in his face with rejection. This I believe is the point and driving force for his future success in his studies. And his thesis is as good as set in gold.

Triangulating patterns form in his imagination. After a further encounter with a crowd of girls, approaching, but the colour of beauty shines on but one. Nash quickly comes to a thesis, puts pen to paper frantically writing notes and calculations pinpointing the accuracy of his theory. It is presented to his tutor, and his bright future is cast in stone with a doctorate.

Dr Nash begins his career at weaver labs but expresses a disbelief at the boringness of the tasks. Until he is called up to act for a secret establishment, to establish the location of agents entering the country with nuclear arsenals. By tracking their whereabouts breaking codes in magazine periodicals, Nash is delighted with the complexity of the task.

Nash then gets married to Alicia, played by Jennifer Connelly, after a courtship overtime.

A paranoid Nash soon meets psychiatric services, who Nash struggles with as they inject him in the rear and transport Nash to a psychiatric hospital. They electrify his brain over sessions in an attempt to reduce the hallucinations! A real twister in the direction of the film that shocks and enhances the biography.

It is a downward spiral for Nash, as he has to endure the terrible side effects of psychotropic drug Zuclopenthixol, I believe. That kills his marriage emotionally. And the very thought processes that enhanced his abilities to perform remarkably in the field of mathematics.

The film continues as Nash struggles to return to his former self, but does that really happen, is my view? In reality, he never recovers but is awarded a Nobel prize for his pioneering work in the areas of economic and game theory in earlier life. But still struggles with the demands of daily living.

A must watch for those individuals who wish to better understand the complexities of those living with enduring mental illnesses, as it portrays it so well. And do watch it again and again, as you’ll miss points important in the film otherwise!

5 out 5 stars.
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