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Forrest Gump

Post by embleton » Sat Aug 05, 2017 1:51 pm

A fictional representation of Forrest Gump, actor Tom Hanks, and the American dream. Based on the novel by Winston Groom, of the same name. Forrest Gump isn’t the brightest spark on the block and throughout the film takes encounters too literally, but it never phases him.

The film starts ‘“My mum always said, “life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you are going to get”', just before meeting his son raised by Jenny.

If my own chocolate box is as big, I’d be delighted!

The opening scenes is that of Forrest Gump’s younger days. His mum, played by Sally Field, desire’s mainstream education for him. She pursues this frankly and sexually with the principal; which vanishes Gump’s poor stats failures, in the benefit for Forrest Gump’s future.

The mother understands that common sense is a way to approach life. One-liners are scripted throughout the movie and they are witty, as it is a comedy but foremost a drama, and fantasy with a message. Travellers rent rooms from the mum in their mansion. Some gain fame through their meeting with Forrest Gump including Elvis, and Lennon in adulthood.

His female friend throughout the film is Jenny Curran, played by Robin Wright/Hanna R. Hall, who is his romantic love and special to Forrest’s heart. It was Robin R. Hall’s debut as an actress, and the part is played well by her in Jenny’s childhood, even though Robin Wright upstages her later. Jenny cruises America in adult life; sex, drugs and rock n roll style. This gets Forrest Gump haphazardly in trouble, with his fisticuffs protecting Jenny in her life.

Forrest Gump is an athletic runner and had to endure the torment of students running him down, in days gone by. An athletic running talent gives him an opportunity to gain access to college and graduate. Immediately he walks out the door of graduation, he joins the army. His commander is Lt. Dan Taylor in Vietnam, played by Gary Sinise.

Whilst in Vietnam a downpour cease’s, and a jungle firefight bounces upon them. The cinematography of the firefight is absolutely stunning, with bullets whizzing closely by, and mortars separating comrade’s arms, legs and bodies.

Forrest Gump runs diligently to save comrades, including Lt. Dan. With the final bombardment being napalm brightly and colourfully lighting up the jungle then throwing smoke in the air, as he exits the area and is shot.

Forrest Gump moves to a hospital, where he learns how to play table tennis, later to visit China with his championship skills. Lt. Dan is also in the hospital has amputated legs and is soon moved home. Lt. Dan meets Forrest Gump in America. And join’s him as the first mate on the boat Jenny, later on.

It is apparent wherever Forrest Gump goes fortune follows, as he is awarded the medal of honour for bravery in Vietnam. He meets the president for his sporting achievement and the bravery during his service to the country. Meetings with the president are hilarious, owing to his action after misunderstanding the president’s dialogue. He is also an inspiration to those he meets throughout the film, fame is often their aim.

Further success follows in the business Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., after a great storm takes out shrimping boats all down the coast. But Jenny, the boat, is frighteningly in the storm with its crew facing God’s hand.

Shares bought by Lt. Dan skyrocket from their investment together. Forrest Gump cuts grass, lovingly, after amalgamating a fortune with Lt. Dan Taylor.

Jenny than comes home to bulldoze her former father’s home, as a sign of a new beginning. Forrest Gump runs around the country from shore to shore without a care in the world, when he misses Jenny. But they have reunited again, marry, and then he cares for her until death.

Most scenes in the film are spectacularly dynamic and rosy. It is, after all, a wish to achieve fame and richness, even with disadvantages along the way. Idiots as love are lost, a key point to remember!

The film even though glories is slightly too long, hence the rating. But it’s an excellent film for teenagers and adults at a certification rating of 12, for it portrays warm feelings and a message throughout.

Won best awards across the board.

PS: The film is on Sky Cinema.

4 ½ out of 5 stars.

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