Terminator 2: Judgement Day

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Terminator 2: Judgement Day

Post by embleton » Tue Aug 08, 2017 11:21 am

Terminator 2: Judgement Day

An apocalyptic view of the future. Where cybernetics in the year 2029. And artificial intelligence, Skynet, is losing the war against human freedom fighters. Time travelling a cybernetic metallic liquid terminator T-1000 (Robert Patrick), is the solution to disaster for Skynet.

Its purpose is to eliminate a key human freedom fighter, through the analysis of historical data. Strengthening their position in the future, for Skynet’s success. Nuclear war against the human race would occur, retrospective to 2029. The strike would occur on 29th August 1997 which is in the future, Judgement Day in Sarah’s head.

The year is 1995.

Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) is confined in a psychiatric hospital. With a diagnosis of Schizoaffective Disorder, for an attempt to blow up a technology factory earlier in life. And the disbelief of a psychiatrist, Dr Siberman (Earl Boen), that her thoughts factually represent reality. Sarah’s mood is reactive because of her fight against a terminator T-800, or so she claims.

John Connor (Furlong) is in the community with foster parents soon to realise that Sarah is actually sane, or so we think. And his life is going to become considerably more complicated and dangerous, when two terminators arrive. John Connor is a dab hand with technological hacking, and computer games of course.

John Connor converses with a cybernetic terminator T-800 (Arnold Schwarzenegger) to establish its boundaries’ and gain knowledge, it’s John’s protector now. Is the reality of the situation wrong? There is no proof that anything is factual at this point outside of what Sarah Connor sees and John Connor, who could be in Sarah’s mind. How can the future be set in stone when it hasn’t occurred or the occurrence is likely to be superseded, which is a paradox? And who else can sort that out in our mind, but a psychiatrist.

The T-800 terminator is in fact reprogrammed by John Connor in a future life. The audience will never understand the implication of who started this war, and in what year!

Sarah Connor now escapes the facility of a highly secure psychiatric establishment. Is this a complete psychotic breakdown or actual reality itself of a paradoxical world? A dream world, or actually the year 1995 and 2029? The son is actually a creation from a person in the future. The son is with a future reprogrammed cybernetic intelligence along his timeline, when it is removed does John Connor die! The paradox is more complicated than one would think.

Sarah and John are now on their own with a terminator that may be a figment of their imagination. “It messes with your head”, John Connor says.

Sarah goes on a complete crusade to takeout Dyson, an engineer thought responsible for Skynet’s development. She will burn in hell if her dreams come true with her psychotic thoughts, and the likelihood she’ll kill somebody in this timeline, does she deserve freedom? It is judgement day of Sarah’s saneness, to be locked away forever if she continues on this railway line!

The terminator explains the breakdown for Dyson and Skynet in the future. And they go on a trip to the Cyberdyne to destroy critical information from the company’s database. Whilst with the entry point to Cyberdyne the visual effects are stunning; explosions drive holes in walls and open doors, John handles the technology of opening doors electronically. And Dyson dies releasing a trigger, just before the building explodes. And then the T-1000 arrives at the establishment, removing their likely chance of a successful mission and escape.

A Smashingly destructive chase occurs with several vehicles in use, as they exit Cyberdyne to a metal factory. Can the T-1000 actually be removed or destroyed at this point, you will see in the film...

A reason T2 is brilliant is the complexity of the plot from the original, it is the original that stretches reality into the past and future. And should have you thinking, does it really portray a realistic view of the future now or is it paranoid delusions. The main premise is that timeline of far-future events behaves at the smallest level, when a key thing is removed from the timeline now. Based on science fiction or science fact, we will never know!

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