Harry Brown

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Harry Brown

Post by embleton » Fri Aug 11, 2017 10:40 am

Harry Brown (Michael Caine) has an 18 certification. It has content of an unsavoury nature, drug dealing and illegal substance taking. But that doesn’t spoil the excellent performance by Michael Caine in this action and thriller. The film is very graphic, if you have a squeamish stomach best not watching it. One scene is particularly graphic, when a girl is out of head and at death’s door in a drugs den.

The film is set in an area of Britain that has issues with youngsters against the older generation. A friend of Harry Brown takes action against young thugs victimising the population. But is killed gruesomely during an encounter that greatly affects Harry Brown psychologically and emotionally.

The police are useless in their attempts to prosecute the offenders. And Harry Brown, a marine, accidently and then purposely takes matters into his own hands as the vigilantly. He progresses down a line to takeout the thugs throughout the film in excellent style, fire and hell is their meeting.

A police officer (Emily Mortimer), actively investigates offenders throughout. But is too late to save them from torture. Not twigging that its Harry Brown who is actively pursuing, monitoring and killing them swiftly. The final chapter is a riot against authority, and Harry Brown who saves the day.

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