Sky+HD/Q or NowTV & Apple UHD TV price and picture quality.

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Sky+HD/Q or NowTV & Apple UHD TV price and picture quality.

Post by embleton » Fri Jul 20, 2018 9:47 am

What channels do you get above those on Freesat+ with HD and a NowTV/Apple UHD TV or Sky+HD Box and what quality is the picture between the two in HD, and limited content in UHD on Sky Q with the right box a 2TB costing around £200 for rental only, uh..?

We see numerous articles that Sky+HD or Sky Q is the best but do we watch above those channels already available on NowTV and Freesat+ with HD Box. And especially important when one has an Apple UHD TV Box which is cheaper than a Sky Q UHD 2TB Box costing around £200 for rental, uh...? Really the cost is excessive and one has to sign a life away to a contract lasting eighteen months for the pleasure!

Our own setup was Sky+HD Box with the Family package, Sky Box Sets and Sky Cinema all in HD (transmitted in 1080i over satellite) and we had a considerable discount on this package primarily for the reason that we only watch a limited amount of content from what is really a useless package when one purchases the latest films through an Apple UHD TV in mainly glories UHD something that even Sky Q with an appropriate 2TB box does not offer for the latest films and Netflix UHD.

The advertisements are pushed down our neck with Sky packages, something that does not occur with an Apple UHD TV.

When our discounted Sky package came up for renewal the only discount that was available was £5 for HD without the Box Sets and a requirement that we had to sign an eighteen-month contract for the pleasure, that is something our household will not do when a NowTV with entertainment pass cost when looking carefully around for only £5 a month! Yes, you are right only £5 offering the important channels that most often are watched by subscribers of Sky and this package includes the quality in HD 720p the same as 1080i in reality. And the entertainment Box Sets is inclusive with NowTV in 720p HD.

With the additional excessive price of Sky+HD that ends in February 2019 for us because we are in contract because of the discounted Sky Cinema package, something I wish we'd not done, it will be spent on a NowTV entertainment pass and what remains some £30 a month or odd we'll purchase the latest films in glories UHD on our Apple UHD TV and Netflix in UHD. That is the route I recommend to all so the price of Sky+HD and Sky Q is driven down to a reasonable amount to compete with internet TV service OTT streams.

Even more, premium channels are available by subscribing to TVPlayer Plus service for £5.99 a month or £59.99 a year.

And when you stop the subscription to Sky Q the films on the 2TB box will be useless with only the DVD's left in one's collection in low DVD quality. When purchasing films from Apple the collection is intact in the cloud in unlimited storage in UHD to be streamed at your leisure not 2TB for Sky Q and poor quality DVD's. How outdated are Sky Q and Sky TV delivery system!

TVPlayer Plus a £5.99 month or £59.99 a year OTT service; no contract but some advertisements.
Netflix UHD £9.99 a month OTT service; no contract with zero advertisements.
NowTV HD 720p premium Sky channels £7.99 month OTT service; no contract but advertisements on live channels. Box Sets inclusive.
NowTV HD 720p Sky cinema £9.99 month OTT service; no contract. Advertisements on live channels.
Sky+ TV satellite entertainment £25 a month no HD or £35 with HD Basic 1080i channels encoded in the 720p backend; 18-month contract. All channels with advertisements. Box Sets £5 additional a month.
Sky+ TV satellite films channels £20 a month no HD, HD inclusive HD Basic at £10 encoded in the 720p backend (contracted at discount is HD); 18-month contract when discounted. All channels with advertisements.
YouTube premium & google music £11.99 service in UHD OTT service; no contact but zero advertisements.
Amazon Prime UHD £7.99 month or £79 a year OTT service; no contract but zero advertisements.

My email address is mark @ domain of the forum. terms of use of site in announcements.

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