Diagnostics, posts and troublesome nightmares.

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Diagnostics, posts and troublesome nightmares.

Post by embleton » Thu Aug 03, 2017 5:48 am

Diagnostics, posts and troublesome nightmares.

With a computer or laptop comes the risks of malware. That ruins your day and has you crying with the mayhem that populates your life into a dread of despair. Even with tablets, iPads and smartphones, though the risks are remarkably reduced. The configuration of them is a nightmare for the population when things go wrong.

The cleanliness’ of your hardware, software and data are paramount. But don’t follow the example of my house! Items should be stacked, sorted and stored in backups, either directly online or locally.

With internet clouds, saving your important processions. So nicely collected by photographic lenses, should be thought about so carefully. And these clouds offer a valuable resource for your lovely shiny soft toys!

Don’t take me so seriously. Bash it around the room, throw it against the wall. Jam your sticky sandwiches in the openings, that allow such matter. And you are sure to get laughs, but expensive ones.

So, what should one remember? Nothing in reality. It’s all on the internet for everyone to search for, find and process. Seriously it isn’t that hard to become a wizard. I did it myself and it only took thirty or so years! But these days you can do it in an afternoon, with nimble fingers to extract the information from experts.

On forums, there are a few. An Oracle or expert, at your fingertips, is a valuable resource. Use them wisely, and you will be rewarded by a kiss from heaven. Seriously, macro scripted posts, aren’t a great deal of help so ignore them. It isn’t the amount one knocks out but the quality of the knowledge, and a tailored reply goes a long way; look for these, they are the knowledge base.

Slow down people, try to explain clearly and precisely with a great deal of data, and clearly constructed paragraphs, the issues that trouble you with your technological nightmare.

Remember, a fault that is permanent is usually easier to solve than an intermittent nightmare for an engineer. What chance have ordinary folk got in these random occurrences?

Rattling the cage doesn’t really help in a situation until the matter is explained and reported, then it’s all hands-on board.

This advice is offered freely, with a respectful nod and welcomes to all the new members, and veterans alike, in my new quest to improve myself. And it is a laugh, not to be taken seriously folk!

My email address is mark @ domain of the forum. terms of use of site in announcements.

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