Discrimination on internet forums because of bad moderation

All those comments concerning violence associated with mental illness is discrimination at its worse, debate and highlight your experience of this topic.

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Discrimination on internet forums because of bad moderation

Post by embleton » Sat Apr 21, 2018 8:35 am

" Should people with mental illness be allowed to have children?" by FURABLady on the mental health forum in the UK https://www.mentalhealthforum.net The main issue I have with the title is 'allowed', which is clearly discriminatory.

My first reply was: Should people with physical disabilities be allowed, children? Should criminals be allowed, children? Should women that could have a child that has a disability be allowed children, shouldn't they be sterilised? The thread should be immediately removed. And ending with the line discrimination and ignorance.
---- it was edited by a moderator, stating moderation shouldn't be discussed on an open forum, um?

I posted a reply to this topic on the mental health forum in the UK for I objected to the discriminatory nature of the title and the content of the thread itself, and my reply was edited by a moderator. The editing of the post gave my first reply a completely different meaning to the intention of the post, by removing my last line which was 'discrimination and ignorance', which I completely think is valid. I also asked that the thread is removed immediately and the thread was reported using the link offered on OP. The post went 'hidden content' then the next day moved to the debating chamber, and I'm clear was discussed by moderators behind closed doors, which is often the case on forums for forums do usually have hidden forums. This is the thread https://www.mentalhealthforum.net/forum ... 697-4.html I'm discussing in this article. Whatever I post on another forum is edited in such a way I move my posts and comment as I have done now to my own forum, so I have the power to handle the reply accordingly, so I have complete editorial control, as I know that Google will and the site owners will see the inbound link.

The OP starts off completely discriminately by leaving the topic open, which is an issue talking about violence in both those living with a mental illness and psychopaths. The title really should be more accurately defined as 'should psychopathic killers be allowed to have children'. We are then, I think, in agreement, they'd be in prison for life and they wouldn't be able to have children, so the question doesn't really arise its already been defined and executed in law.

A study found that appropriately one in five corporate executives are psychopaths. There is the likelihood that they could hit an individual in an argument, that would be violence, should they be allowed, children? Clearly, this is even discriminatory in a case must be on its own merit and a case in criminal law would be opened, but its purpose was to illustrate my complete dislike of the thread.

I think myself that all category discrimination is invalid those areas should be stating it nothing whatsoever to do with psychopaths or mental health it's about violent killers! Then it is clear what the is being discussed!

The thread on the mental health forum should be removed for it is discrimination and ignorance. It also unacceptable that moderators don't reply to complaints on reported posts.

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