Personality Disorder

All those comments concerning violence associated with mental illness is discrimination at its worse, debate and highlight your experience of this topic.

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Personality Disorder

Post by jo » Mon Feb 04, 2019 1:30 am

For some years now I was diagnosed with bipolar. but this has changed recently now I do not live with bipolar. Instead, I’m going to have an assessment for BPD and I'm waiting for the outcome result, Whatever happens, the only way is forward so wished me luck. As with Bipolar my diagnosis back then 15 yrs ago with medication, however, know my diagnosis stands in what you call a curve where my illness could swing from one to the other and then time will tell. As it stands now I'm suffering from Anxiety and severe Depression with BPD how do I feel not impressed but not in limbo for waiting results, So too adapt and change to these mental illnesses with inner strength.

Being diagnosed with Borderline personality disorder at the age of fifty years old is apparently rare. But to come to think of it all those years of diagnosis through my childhood straight through to adult and middle age. The life I have led all those years seems quite clear to me. I am absolutely devastated to learn and remember the trauma and abuse that I have endured which has left me with a behaviour pattern which I cannot help usually to protect myself. As a rule, I tend to self-harm and attempt suicide on a number of occasions as a result of stress and what or who triggers this. As with Mental illnesses diagnosis, discrimination go hand in hand, for BPD I feel this is the worst mental illness of all because of the label. To be judged in this way of personality gives the disorder no chance of actually being understood as a person, what seems on the surface doesn't necessarily mean what lies underneath. As for myself forty years later I feel I may get somewhere now with psychiatric services with treatment a two-year waiting list but its worth it in the end.

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Re: Personality Disorder

Post by embleton » Sat Feb 09, 2019 3:44 am

Welcome to the board. It is worrying to hear that discrimination has been endued by yourself because of a label and the struggle that you've been through over the years, hopefully, things will pick up when services, which I hope you want, engage you in treatment.

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