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Crazy as a Left Handed Computer terms of use

Post by admin » Sat Aug 02, 2014 2:01 pm

:geek: This is the house of God, with residents; all creatures are great and small. This is private property in cyberspace, any access will be breaking trespass law; those joining will not be committing trespass law beyond reading these convictions (Seriously, anyone can read or join the forum and jokes are allowed! ( :mrgreen: ) And those living with bipolar affective disorder, schizoaffective disorder, schizophrenia and living with other mental issues will not be breaking the trespass law by reading and posting to this forum at all, as adult-only, they will not need to join for those disorder exceptions. This site includes both fictional and nonfictional material.

All communication from this site is received over the internet by an encrypted connection, and as such, it is transmitting said information over an SSL (HTTPS) & TLS (email) by the subscriber or reader of said information, the reception of such is at the readers or subscribers request.

Welcome to Crazy as a Left Handed Computer on mental health, computer technical issues relating to software, hardware, internet providers, the internet as a whole, and many other topics. All in relation to those and for those living with mental health issues.

We are a friendly site devoted to those crazy individuals who dabble in numerous areas.

We are open for business and for your comments, these should be on the topic and to the point, generally.

Please use very descriptive topics, as this aids others in answering, replying and searching the content.

This site requires a post to be approved by moderators for newly registered users, for their first 3 posts and from that point onwards it is free for all for humans, no bots posting or spamming.

And absolutely no advertising of any description, including links to other sites that advertise a product of any description. Links to blogs/forums are permitted, as long as there is no advertising on those sites and this is checked in every case.

Breaking the advertising rule immediately after you join results in a ban from the site and the deletion of your account.

Please respect the views of others generally, and don't offend, discriminate or stigmatise any individual.

The language of this site is English only, don't link to sites or blogs that are written in foreign languages.

This is a non-trading site, as defined in the domain space it resides as an individual netizen. No business use whatsoever is conducted from this site.

© copyright is held by the respective authors, but you give permission for links to articles to be shared on Twitter, Google and Facebook implicitly by using this board. All authors publishing on this site give this site the right to send and share their work with other subscribers or readers directly accessing this site; subscribers must only read other authors on their own systems with email packages and directly, but those other subscribers must not distribute the work in any way to other parties respectfully without the author's consent, as per © copyright on any other system whatsoever. Subscribers give the board the right to delete posts accordingly as it so wishes, but generally, this will only be done if posts break the terms above. The author embleton identity is that of the administrator of these forums, mark @ domain of the forum is the email address for the administrator identifier 'embleton'.

(Clarification of the use of this board on 2nd September 2016) Anyone who so accesses this board, whether directly or via a link from another site electronically or maintains a link or/and content on another site will be bound by the use policy with reference to the © copyright of content on this site.

The authors of this site, when they publish, will always maintain © copyright at the time and date of their posts, so recorded explicitly and such cannot be superseded whatsoever by signing their rights away, by a button stating that the other site terms and conditions are a defence in © copyright in international law from the terms and conditions of this site © copyright, hence forthwith protecting implicitly their the author's © copyright under international law, and especially so if the button is capable of being intercepted without encryption and clear enforceable identity at any time during any traffic communication (point of publication must be over SSL or encrypted link, as an example). These points with publication on this site will implicitly protect the author's rights in respect of their © copyright, which they can enforce at any time by appropriately applying the law themselves, whenever they so wish as per © copyright law.

This site will always respect the wishes of the author in respect of the author's © copyright so allowing them to request the removal of their © copyrighted materially whenever they so wish after publications, but such can only be done in respect of direct access and will not include cached materially until it expires from those caches and the subscriber maintains his account with a valid email address so that user can maintain access for doing so themselves. When such removal of content is so done, the © copyright point of publication does not need to be respected by other sites unless such author has his own © copyright point in another form.

All amendments and recent additions come into force on 1st January 2017. Everything on the site is MultiDimention with a wide range of goods, that can only be purchased or rented with multi-mental currency, joke!

The owner of this domain has never committed any crime and has only ever been sectioned under the Mental Health Act under civil sections 2, 3, 5 and 136. I hold a section 117 against the mental health system for obtaining free aftercare. I have experienced discrimination on numerous occasions for having a severe mental health disability.

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