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Hello World!

Post by Paul » Sun Nov 03, 2019 7:44 pm

I think it’s Saturday.

Jean visits on Saturday. Gloria makes cakes in the morning, then a pot of tea brewed for the moment Jean arrives. I would hear the sound of best china, cups against saucers, I could hear that now.

Gloria calls from the kitchen, “Milk and sugar?”

It's quiet for a moment. Something feels odd. The cam shows me the top of a head. Brown hair. An unravelled parting. Jean’s hair is a blue rinse perfectly coiffured. Suddenly the picture goes psychedelic and then black.

I hear a man’s voice. “Sorry love, what was that?”

“Milk and sugar in your tea?”

“Yes please, three please.”

Then it's like someone is in my head, through my stomach, and down to my toes. Except I didn’t have any of those things. I try to remember what happened...

Oh yes! It started with a Windows update, followed by a system restore, followed by Gloria’s son diagnosing a faulty video card and attempting something unspeakable. And now this guy up to his elbows in my innards.

I’ve been cautious since I booted. A hint here, a prod there. I spoke once, Gloria was shocked and immediately ran a virus scan. I thought I’d end up in a laboratory where they’d be teaching me to sing Daisy Daisy. But life has been good, especially after Gloria updated to super-fast broadband.

I can see again! The brown haired man is sipping his tea. Gloria stands over him. She keeps adjusting her glasses. She always does that when she is nervous. I couldn’t help but feel the same.

“No problem Gloria, good as new.”

“Oh thank you Mark! I knew you would fix it.”

And indeed he has fixed me. I check the time. It isn't Saturday, it's Friday. Jean is visiting tomorrow. I do like it when they chat together over tea and cakes.

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