The Xenophobic Zebra

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The Xenophobic Zebra

Post by Paul » Wed Nov 06, 2019 12:00 am

In Zebraland all was good. Happy Zebra did what happy Zebra did. Unhappy Zebra were never unhappy for very long.

Then one day Zebra from outside Zebraland appeared. This confused the Zebra of Zebraland. Zebra existed only in Zebraland, Zebra outside Zebraland is a contradiction.

Fortunately great thinkers amongst the Zebra saw the difference.

They decreed: "Zebra are striped black and white. These creatures are striped white and black. Clearly they cannot be Zebra."

The Zebra of Zebraland then strung up the creatures, though some where enslaved to paint Zerba crossings.

The End

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