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M7YME station

Post by embleton » Mon Sep 25, 2023 6:24 am

DMR plus Anytone D-878UVii plus 2m/70cm portable transceiver 7W maximum power Staddiscombe station location 84m ASL IO70xi. The station came into operation on 27th September 2023.

The station conforms to license interference directives because I am using a commercial radio as above, running 7W and I've checked cross and out-of-band interference with the SDR upstairs. The antenna is a Diamond SRJ77 with 2.15dB gain for an ERP of 9W.

I am in the living room or the office in the house upstairs with the radio handheld transceiver, and the SDR receiver is in the office upstairs. The SDR receiver upstairs receives all the below stations showing a confirmed received signal. When downstairs in the house on the transceiver the signal is less strong and some of the stations below may be a little patchy, on occasion! DMR Plus is always received on a handheld Anytone transceiver via a hotspot and usually on TG 235. When programming the radio with the CPS don't forget to program a key PF1 to call talk groups by Dial on Demand for hotspot, etc.

When online Echolink M7YME Node ID 180309.

The SDR has a 2m 5/8 wavelength with a coil antenna in the window pointing east sitting on a tin monitoring the complete 2m ham band.

The DMR Plus transceiver has a 1/4 wavelength and 70cm 5/8 wavelength Diamond SRJ77 antenna.

My main interest in radio is the South West Cluster and digital mobile radio (DMR plus) on 70cm/2m. But do have my own hotspot which is usually on TG 235.


2m Calling 145.500Mhz FM
GB2RS RSGB news on simplex 2m FM
DV calling channel 2m DMR DMO colour code 1 TS1 in all cases for simplex.
DH3 70cm calling channel DMR DMO
DH1 to DH8 channels 70cm DMR DMO colour code 1 TS1 in all cases for simplex.
GB3JL Liskeard Repeater (confirmed signal) (upstairs & in the living room) RST 59).
GB3CH 70cm Repeater Caradon Hill (confirmed signal) upstairs 59 & in the living room RST 57
145,512Mhz 2m simplex DMR DMO colour code 1 TS1.
145.5225Mhz RSGB 2cm FM
145.5375Mhz 2m DMR DMO colour code 1 TS1 in all cases for simplex.
145.5550Mhz Relay FM
145.4875Mhz 2m DMR DMO
145.475Mhz 2m DMR DMO
145.5625Mhz 2m DMR DMO
145.4500Mhz 2m DMR DMO
GB7PF 70cm South West Cluster (confirmed signal) (upstairs RST 59) DMR plus
GB7IE 2m only FM (confirmed signal) my transceiver is not compatible with digital signal fusion (not scanned) RST 59.
GB3WD 2m near Ivybridge Repeater (confirmed signal upstairs and in the living room 59)
GB3PL 2m Repeater Plympton (confirmed signal upstairs RST 59) most of the time downstairs RST 37.
GB7PL 70cm Repeater
GB7RD 70cm South West Cluster (confirmed signal RST 59) (upstairs) DMR plus
GB3NC 2m
GB2DT 70cm South West Cluster
GB7HD 2m South West Cluster (confirmed signal upstairs RST 59) DMR plus
My own DMR Hotspot on 70cm a gateway.

The repeaters that I can get into without issues with HT running 9W ERP are:
GB7IE (Fusion C4FM).
GB3JL (2m).
GB3CH (70cm).
GB3WD (2m).
GB3PL (2m).

SDR receiver 2m/70cm at http://sdr.mental.me.uk IO70xi 87m ASL.
Also the administrator of a forum 'Crazy as a left handed computer', this forum, on my broadband connection (G.fast 250Mbps downstream 50Mbps upstream), a 2-node cluster hardware platform of my own design with phpBB & WordPress.

Ham radio stuff can be emailed to m7yme@mental.me.uk and for electronic QSL, to use this email address one needs a TLS connection to a server. The mental.me.uk server assures TLS in and out. All emails from email server infrastructure are DMARC with a reject policy enabled, so relaying, and reflection by other email servers are not permitted.



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