Anytone D878UVii DMR plus 2m/70cm transceiver

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Anytone D878UVii DMR plus 2m/70cm transceiver

Post by embleton » Sun Oct 08, 2023 8:59 am

The Anytone D-878UVii Plus

The Anytone D878UVii plus is a digital DMR and analogue FM 2m/70cm handheld transceiver, and is an excellent choice for a handheld digital DMR plus amateur radio transceiver. One can work the world on the DMR plus net through a repeater or hotspot.

Screenshot 2023-10-08 at 09.21.51.png
Screenshot 2023-10-08 at 09.21.51.png (1.84 MiB) Viewed 8796 times

It has a small screen and keyboard, that has the channel details and more is displayed on that screen when in DMR plus digital mode on the DMR net. The frequency can be manually entered or programmed by a code plug. It has plenty of capacity for channels, and CTS tones can be programmed for the channels to open repeaters. It sports two knobs to change the frequency and channel, and a knob for audio volume. Three programmable P1, P2 and P3 are on the transceiver. A keyboard allows one to program the transceiver frequency and general operation.

The software for programming the code plug is only available for Windows. I had a slight issue installing the driver for Windows 11 which took about an hour and a half to get working but is available on the internet but be careful of viruses.

For operation in the DMR plus amateur radio 2m/70cm repeaters or hotspots a DMR ID is required and one needs to upload a license to obtain a DMR ID and operate on the net.

It has a maximum power output of 7W on 2m and 6W on 70cm, and the ERP can be improved by replacing the attached antennae for a Diamon SRJ77 which is extra increasing the ERP by about 20%.

It has a PTT switch on the side of the transceiver and a button for sending GPS, unfortunately, the PTT button is a little stiff and takes some pressure to keep one's finger on it! This is easily fixed by plugging in an external mic/speaker from Anytone, the Anytone CPL-05 is compatible as shown in the photo above is extra.

The Anytone is one of the only transceivers that is compatible with Bluetooth for a headset.

The Anytone D878Vii sports a DMR database capability of 500,000 spaces so is future-proof for holding the complete DMR database.

I've worked repeaters twenty miles away from my location on 2m and 70cm with a full quieting into the repeaters' (GB3JL/GB3CH) line of sight, through one house brick wall.

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