IDS/IPS firewall OPNsense Watershed and Zenarmor

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IDS/IPS firewall OPNsense Watershed and Zenarmor

Post by embleton » Fri Oct 06, 2023 3:17 pm

An OPNsense firewall protects this site with deep package inspection (DPI) IDS/IPS Suricata. It is constantly monitored for intrusions and blocks are put in place for offenders.

The firewall also uses geo-blocking for Russia because it is a spam source. We block advertisements on our connection, so that they may be used for research purposes browsing, streaming, etc...

Our connection which is a block of /29 IP addresses also uses Zenarmor (NGFW) for traffic monitoring, blocking and reporting for intrusions and monitoring. Zenarmor is highly recommended the personal edition of which costs about £8 per month for live querying of threats.

Watershed is used on our connection to protect our guests for we have a guest network and we don't wish adult content within the daytime before the watershed, this is automatic and switches to adult mode at the watershed. Safe search is active before the Watershed.

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