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Facebook copycat paradise

Post by embleton » Sun Jan 01, 2017 6:05 am

Facebook the most disgusting computer social network ever. It has destroyed the social contact that we have in our society, the close contact we enjoy with private communication without endless crap and advertising, from not only Facebook itself but our friends.

It takes over our communication and claims it as its own, with respect, to do with it as it so wishes, with believe it our approval!

It infringes our copyright in respect to our work as authors, it even encourages copyright infringement from friends, with those friends sharing and copying others work without consent, from the actual authors of the real work.

The wider internet as the author of such work has so rightfully put their hard work into, when such friends that do so as individuals don’t even create but copy and paste other authors work onto Facebook and breach copyright.

That is indeed copyright infringement completely and utterly, it cannot get any simpler than that fact, 90% of Facebook with photographs of others work is breaching copyright, it isn’t originally work but copycat paradise! For those very reasons I have removed myself from its environment.

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