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About the board administrator experience and hobbies.

Post by embleton » Mon Nov 03, 2014 3:27 pm

Theoretical/practical studies in telecommunications mainly with high frequency to microwave radio and broadcast communications, in my early years, but also studied telephone switching network technology. Computer planning consultant and software engineer in digital micro & minicomputer control technology. Software development director and engineer in high throughput order/computerised point of sale processing systems with integration to the financial banking processing system. Comprehensive knowledge of real-time operating system theory, checkpoint concurrency software technology, and extensive practical experience in wide, local and fibre optic network structures and routing. Knowledge and experience in hardware and software mirroring technology for high availability reliability. As you can tell from this I'm very interested in technology.

Also interest in mental disabilities, as I'm diagnosed and living with bipolar affective disorder. And I've read about the latest research in polypharmacology. Listening to music is a passion of mine. And don't care too much about television because it's primary propaganda, in my opinion. Am also interested in the law and have read the acts concerning mental health, disabilities, benefits, discrimination, human rights and copyright. Self-educated mainly, as I dropped out of mainstream education, as I consider it's institutionalisation of one's thoughts.

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