How & why this website came into existence.

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How & why this website came into existence.

Post by embleton » Sun Aug 03, 2014 4:38 am

It took form because I was writing numerous posts on the Sky forums and wished to write more openly about their service and technology, mental health and allow others to do the same without excessive restrictions!

I also write on a Facebook page about bipolar affective disorder and also wished to write more openly about that topic on an open board without a headache and restrictions on that proprietary system. Additionally, I got annoyed with the excessive advertising on these systems, so the aim of this website is to avoid advertisements, always.

With the exception of stopping spamming from newly registered users, I've taken the steps that it will be a requirement that users need to post 3 posts constructively and after this, they will not have any restrictions from that point onwards. Also, an inauthentic text will be rejected by the board.

You should be advised that IP address details are registered by this system for auditing purposes and to allow the administrators to ban users that abuse the system, but this step will be rarely be taken. This site is mainly directed at those with mental health issues that are adults of an appropriate age that understand the workings and etiquette of the internet.

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