CAPS - Computerised Accounting Point of Sale

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CAPS - Computerised Accounting Point of Sale

Post by embleton » Sat Jul 09, 2022 3:02 am

CAPS is an encryption standard invented by an individual, (the inventor) and is hard to decrypt! It rotates a key on a daily basis for re-verification of the module and a module is automatically recertified and key exchange between modules (intercommunication) recalculated for automatic reloading. The key needs to be broken in 24 hours on a daily basis for the CAPS standard to be broken for that day only, and for that company only.

The standard rotating key is not a 4-digit pin, it is a thirty-two-bit integer based on the source domain company and hence has 2^32 = 4 billion keys for internal company communication and considerable more keys for intercompany module communication. The CAPS standard uses one-way logarithmic rotating keys and other encryption being time and hashing as part of the standard including AES to secure the master password source code and PGP. The source code is written in Retrieve 4GL and that is encrypted also by Sage standard.

The data standard integrity checks include cross-calculation checkpointing to verify calculated accounting data at rest, and consist of product detail byte checkpoints and header checkpoints for the accounting data, and sanity checks to confirm bits are not lost in space. Whenever the data is in memory, it is written to storage immediately after those integrity checks are performed on the detail or header order information, and if a sanity check fails so does the intercommunication module communication, and data will need to be reloaded from storage.

The data is stored in such a way that it covers a period up to 2032 in certifying the data and modules' integrity, passed that date and reliability aren't known but a resync on the time was done previously successfully and will occur in the future!

CAPS - Computerised Point of Sale, Software Development Director.

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