Elon Musk and World Leaders.

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Elon Musk and World Leaders.

Post by dave » Wed Apr 20, 2022 4:15 pm

Elon Musk entertained his audience on a TED talk. His vision is to buy twitter with his own money or by using private investors money. He is possibly wishing to leave a legacy on earth to encourage free speech about him, before going to Mars. He dreams of the first 100 spaceships setting sail in two years. It is unclear who will buy the first tickets costing £76,700 but some tickets may be available to Rwanda refugees with government support. It is unknown if he will be on the first spaceship.

The World Economic Forum has put forward its support for workers in Rwanda and Boris Johnson is fully behind the plans. To gauge public reaction the UK MP has put out consultation plans via social media and the press. Actor Boris Johnson is putting on a good show in parliament for the public which has been entertaining. Will people shout or cheer him in the end and does he care.

World leaders and the media are pushing forward with the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the WEFORUM has said “In the end, it all comes down to people and values”. The founder Professor Klaus Schwab born in Germany in 1938 is a champion of multistakeholder ownership and supports social entrepreneurs around the world. He has a clear partnership with the United Nations. Klaus Schwab World Economic Forum meets in Davos yearly and 3,000 ultra-rich met for parties, tickets cost about £23,500 for a five-day event. Some government employees, non-profit and media people get in for free! The net worth of attendees was estimated at 500 billion dollars in 2020. My personal reflections are where are the underdogs in society and who is speaking up for them. God knows.

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