Donald Trump: The Muslim Immigration Controversies

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Donald Trump: The Muslim Immigration Controversies

Post by RaGe_Shot2KilHD » Wed Dec 23, 2015 9:07 am

(Just A Reminder That This Is Opinion, So Take It As You Will)

Recently The Next Presidential Candidate For The Republican Party Has Been Under Lots Of Fire Of His Recent Veiws On Muslims, In Turn Stirring Up A Petition To Ban Him From The UK.
Here's What I'd Like To Know First Of All. Why Should He Be Barred From Entering A Country For Proposing To Temporarily (A Key Word Here) Ban Muslim Immigration Until We "Figure Out Who The Hell Is Coming Into Our Country", And Think Of It This Way. Would You Let Some Random Stranger Into Your House, Hopefully Not. That Is Essentially What Were Doing By Letting These People In As We Speak. We Don't Know What These People Have Done, Some Of Them Are Blue Collar Working Men Others Could Have Ties With ISIS. So It Begs The Question Is It Really "Racist" (Islam/Muslim Is Not A Race As Is Americans) Or Is It A Better Idea To Be Politically Correct And Let Unknowns In?

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Re: Donald Trump: The Muslim Immigration Controversies

Post by embleton » Wed Dec 23, 2015 5:57 pm

Until these individuals prove themselves to be anything but good then everyone is entitled to their views, banning an individual for their views, religion, disability, up upbringing or whatever is wrong. Correctness is ridiculous in the UK for those that express an opinion on a subject are almost immediately discriminated against in our country for it may be seen as politically incorrect, the bloody correctness of the Brits, it is an almost a joke. I don't think he'll be voted in, mind you!

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Re: Donald Trump: The Muslim Immigration Controversies

Post by Paul » Wed Dec 23, 2015 7:40 pm

I think the "ban Trump" idea was a joke response. Banning someone because of what they think/believe is bigotry. Its also unworkable.

I would let a stranger into my house if they want to read the electricity metre. And a country should let someone in if they want to visit Disneyworld. Should we ask if they are a muslim beforehand? Countries and homes are a bit different, but I get some idea it isn't so simple even when its just my front door.

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