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Sky community insight team

Postby embleton » Sun Jan 01, 2017 9:13 am

Sky community insight team is a selection of Sky forum users that have signed themselves away to Sky with a nondisclosure agreement (NDA). It requires them not to disclose anything talked about in that hidden forum on the public Sky help forum and publicly on social media, but what really is its purpose in reality?

In reality it is a team of the most active Sky forum users that contribute extensively to the knowledge base of the completely public Sky help forum and to that hidden forum, and its purpose is to stop them writing their own material to users discussing the matter that they are knowledgable about themselves publicly, for they are the major contributes both in the hidden forum and on the completely public Sky help forum.

Bugs and technical issues are highlighted from the public Sky forum by the insight team that has been gathered from the public help forum, so that those select users don’t discuss them further with the public user base, even though Sky don’t even provide a solution or provide anything useful technically in the matter. Really those users are doing Sky’s job freely, and they are under a NDA, that is amazing and unethical.

It really doesn’t have any useful information of any use that would extend the knowledge of that user base, for they are the team in reality that is something that those user base don’t understand until signing a NDA. And is it a valid NDA, when those users don’t even work for monetary gain but freely and provide the majority of the knowledge. The NDA is not even valid in my opinion as the information is passed without encryption freely publicly over the internet and that can and does get sniffed, for its over http without SSL.
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