FIFA 20 FUT Sky Q/SR203 PS4 incompatibility

Sky the broadband internet service provider.

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FIFA 20 FUT Sky Q/SR203 PS4 incompatibility

Post by embleton » Sat Oct 26, 2019 5:54 pm

Tests were done with two new Sky Q/SR203 with PS4 and it was found these are not compatible with FIFA 20 FUT. The PS4 was directly connected to the router by ethernet and ports forwarded accordingly for the game.

The symptoms are that FIFA 20 FUT disconnects from the FUT servers regularly.

This has clearly been shown that it is the latest Sky Q/SR203 that is the issue by replacing the Sky Q/SR203 with an earlier SR102 Sky Hub the issues are solved.

Also, with Sky Q release 1 Hub a solution to FIFA 20 disconnection that does fix the issue in some cases was turning off the Sky Q TV boxes.

This is believed to be a QoS issue with these routers that prioritises traffic incorrectly and doesn't take account of the fact that games are realtime and need to be top of the queue for traffic prioritization through the router to game internet servers.

Sky is not acknowledging the fault with their latest Sky Q/SR203 router, FIFA 20 and PS4 game console.

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