Assessment for the mind

Mental health care: good, bad, or just plain ugly?

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Assessment for the mind

Post by embleton » Thu Nov 28, 2019 12:29 am

Eyes sweep up to cameras in a position of photographic delight for those to examine into the reception, swing rapidly, violently around the room. Feet cold from the bareness for the heart. Walking through those doors locking behind oneself, forceful to push a door so heavy bound. A button that passes through the light is missing from a view that opens eyes. I go first.

The doors so close by step through a door into a room so brightly lit with four chairs visible, one in the corner and two behind the desk of destiny.

Life decision will disrupt or save one's future into a blissful moving on the next level of blackness. Rain falls from skies, trees and grass to the death of a drop flowing a circling splash. Brightness and sparkles spit into the eyes, blobs of tears drain down the face. It cannot be seen but my eyes are hazed over, glassy shining to that room and chair behind which I sit.

Dumbness invades my mind attempting the meaning, messages pass through the air. This is the interview training so clearly for years, with the written sentences and paragraphs flashing electrically through the brain into lines flashing internally controlling one's thoughts. Wars so gently did to catch a fly, showers ready to fend to questions so put. But the mind so keen to intellectually flattens one's thoughts into a repetitive, no, was this the response that musters!

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