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Social and psychiatric services for patients.

Posted: Fri Aug 26, 2016 10:13 am
by embleton
After living as a client within secondary mental health services for some years. I’ve come to the conclusion that such a service is of zero support to myself. But only a monitoring and experimental service that doesn’t even record information factually within my medical records. And discriminates against those living with mental health issues on a daily basis.

Would such a service a be acceptable to those living with physical health issues within that area of hospitals and GP environments without being sued, I think not.

Take for the example my mental health act sections recently and previously. Not only was information about situations recorded incorrectly. But the assumption was drawn for why I’d done acts within the Glenbourne unit during my, what was supposed to be, a therapeutic stay and environment, without even consulting myself.

And why did these acts occur, it's the psychological stress of society and living in a psychiatric hospital that causes misdirection of mind. 

Medical medication has had little therapeutic benefits but has, in fact, lead to a deterioration in my physical health drastically for it damages both the body and mind. The side effects are worse than living with mental health issues themselves, over the years.

Psychotropics have caused relapse with rebound psychosis previously during moving onto other antipsychotics during my life. They change the chemical balance with the firing of neurotransmitters and sensitivity of receptors within the brain. Something that is factually not the issue and a simplistic view of ineffective treatment that will reduce functioning in future life, reduce lifespan and ruin one’s life generally.

And the stays within psychiatric hospitals have worsened my mental health before my actual recovery. Without what would have taken their course without psychotropic drugs, in my opinion, a testament to the fact by the repeated ineffectiveness of the whole class of psychotropic over long periods.

Do these, so-called medication work, or is it the severe psychological and medical abuse that sends those conforming to misdirection of patients into submission. Are we still living in the Middle Ages with this ineffective treatment. Isn’t it in fact time to take a supportive role by psychiatric services in the recovery of clients holistically and throw the whole class of drugs known as psychotropic drugs in the bin, and truthfully record information accurately within an acceptable timeframe.

I suffer from parkinsonism through the misuse of older typical antipsychotics inflected on me by mental health services. Severe diabetes type 2, confusion of mind, diarrhoea and thought blocking amongst other things.

The, what I consider the illegal detention of an animal and criminal within psychiatric hospitals. Misuse of restraining procedures. The breaking of needles in my rear. The treatment of a forced and inappropriate use of injectable typical antipsychotics to reduce the cost of the service. All in the name of complying with treatment, by my lack of what is believed to be none conformism within mental health services by myself.

Is this really supporting and effective treatment or in fact inappropriate experimental and haphazard medical incompetence on the part of mental health services?

Whilst within the psychiatric hospital I was in fact treated like somebody who had zero mental health capacity. And that is ever present in the community. Individuals within mental health secondary services are poorly trained within the areas of supporting those living with mental health issues. And even their medical knowledge is poorly shown whilst consulting such individuals for my wellbeing.

I was indeed denied access to technology for responding effectively to correspondence whilst in the psychiatric hospital. The hospital administration misused my national insurance number and sent off medical sick notes to the department of works and pensions without my permission. Leaving me to sort out that mess after my exit from the establishment, without any support whatsoever.

My personal assistant was denied access to the hospital ward rounds. Even though I’d given consent. Social services were going to investigate my personal assistant for abuse when no abuse had taken place. My cats were as good as signed away from my care. And their place of boarding was not even passed to me during my stay or when I returned to the community, by a social service CPN of the hospitals hiring. When they could have offered support for supporting with the caring of my beloved cats, Smokey and Charlie.

Mental health services invade my privacy. Have discriminated against my wishes of remaining within the loop, in my what is classified as an effective treatment by themselves, to justify the whole ineffective approach used in secondary mental health services. Psychiatric personnel have recorded in the records that I’ve not engaged with the services for I denied access to my premises once whilst I had an unforeseen guest.

Even though I’ve appropriately engaged, a testament to the fact that I have repeatedly called home treatment during recent times. That does not go in my favour. I’ve been inappropriately referred to the assertive outreach service, by an inappropriate and poorly qualified individual. That doesn’t even know they offer less of a service than a service that does now. Offering less than 24-hour support or whole weekend cover, something I have access to currently with the home treatment team. That even does not solve the issue of relapse and hospital admission.

And what answers do I get when I question the whole process? Its procedure to withhold vital information from me from what is the correspondence between departments. Sharing of information is permissible between departments.

We cannot offer psychological support for our psychologist is busy for an extended time into the future. Lack of a joined-up service, corrections of information on the spot when such information is recorded incorrectly. And “can you tell us what is wrong with our records so we can put them right”, with limited access to, without following a haphazard procedure for access, to said information by myself.

In fact, I’m finding that the service is reducing my mental health wellbeing and putting me at greater risk of relapse whilst living with bipolar affective disorder. For this reason, I’ve decided that I will disengage with secondary mental health service forthwith for the protection of my own health until the service, treatment and procedures join the twenty-first century.

Re: Abuse by social and psychiatric services for patients.

Posted: Sun Oct 09, 2016 6:38 pm
by mange_tout
I completely agree with you that mental health services are not up to scratch.
It seems to me to be a way to deal with the 'irksome poor', you know the great unwashed as they put us down as.
Really the service that is run is very unsafe, mainly simply because the services do not really know their patients - they tend to go on rumour speculation and suposition rather than hard tangable facts. I mean everyone knows you cannot know another's mind; it's just a figure of speach.
I am amazed about the very little needed to section someone, the services just think the police will arrest everyone for being upset the services are present.
It's a crazy world we live in - let's not let doctors rule and indeed ruin our lives - most are poor practicers of good mental agility anyhoo and like to think they know everything about everything and actually know nothing much about anything in particular.
When psychiatry took on spiritualism it learnt of electricity and cameras, both still employed by 'services' today.
Ask yourself the question : what will they learn of you before they terminate your lifespan....

Re: Abuse by social and psychiatric services for patients.

Posted: Sun Oct 09, 2016 7:02 pm
by embleton
Psychiatric services haven't learnt a great deal since the time it came about hundreds of years ago, we are still in the dark ages in that respect. Once they employed physical brain lobotomies, now they do the same with psychotropic lobotomies of the brain with manufactured undertested chemicals.

Re: Abuse by social and psychiatric services for patients.

Posted: Sun Oct 09, 2016 7:17 pm
by mange_tout
They still 'perform' brain surgery in some parts of the world.
There is a place in Wales they brutally murdered a young female violinist with their unhinged torture tecnique.
I believe it's still open to one and all?!!?

Re: Abuse by social and psychiatric services for patients.

Posted: Sun Oct 09, 2016 7:58 pm
by embleton
Psychiatric services and even the administration department within the hospital are completely clueless on how they are destroying people's lives.

Take for an example, they used by national insurance number to contact the DWP to inform them by a sick note I'd been admitted to a hospital, recently. They stated it was a procedure, which is absolutely rubbish.

I was on employment and support allows, so didn't need a sick note sending into the DWP. So that action triggered a review when they sent in a well note on my release, and a fresh ESA50 form came flying through the door 3 months after my admission, as it had done so on a previous occasion.

They stated they'd only sent in a note to the DWP that I'd left the hospital, under the rules they can only send in sick and well notes and these should only be sent in by the patient themselves when they have mental capacity. When under a mental health section you usually still have the mental capacity and therefore they those idiots should ask whether to send in those types of notes!

And psychiatric services wonder why it's a merry go round and revolving door into psychiatric hospitals. Do psychiatric services consider their pills and hospitals cure us living with mental health issues, when we're sectioned, and then released into the community to live our real lives, then inform everyone we've cured that one, ha... Well enough to live in the community, issuing a well note to the DWP, idiots! And basically put the patient at risk of readmission.