Parental and sibling communication

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Parental and sibling communication

Post by embleton » Thu Apr 19, 2018 11:08 pm

Parent said to my wife 'he will marry again', and my response by email was as follows and published here when they revealed the correspondence to third parties.

The closeness in the relationship between parent and sibling, often strained throughout life lacking understanding and the generation gap often interferes resulting in differing opinions. That is the case in our relationship, and I'm not sorry about the way I've approached life, respectfully, and its correctness and social intercourse fitting to standards.

And I feel, respectfully, that your life so lived in its social environment has brought happiness, but has its occasional hiccup as does mine. And I hope you live too many a year.

Whereas you believe, correct me if I'm wrong, one of a private close social knit groups privately behind walls socially built? But mine is more openly socially outgoing as an extrovert in those areas. This you may feel is factually only for a few, whereas in my reality, it's otherwise of life so far personally experienced by me.

The internet site I've built, facebook and friendship exchanges are ways I express myself, a testament to those truths and standards of openness to a more public life. I have chosen this course in years living with a mental illness to show that it's not pleasant to see discrimination from the populous for those in such an unpleasant surrounding, but am happy to have the right to move happily throughout to meet more pleasant friends.

Enemies particularly are distressing, but everyone picks those up and holds strong feeling comparing their case to others, and thinking that its all similarity prevail. This I believe you think of myself and father, whereas nothing could be further from the truth. I will not go into those parently areas for it is a subject not to be breached on either side, and that includes younger age years!

I'm concerned when I hear retrospectively that those around me are drilled and my life talked about disrespectfully when such actions have not taken that course previously, currently or likely to occur in the future. And will publically express those thoughts openly in battle, as I did with my brother and will likely do so with others if they continue to do so in future, when and if I find any member doing so in my friends, enemies and family list.

If it ever happens again in the future fire will burn.

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