A night to remember Mental Health Matters (MHM)

Mental health care: good, bad, or just plain ugly?

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A night to remember Mental Health Matters (MHM)

Post by embleton » Thu Nov 15, 2018 3:32 pm

Whilst going through an escalating mental health crisis on a recent night on 24/25th October 2018 my thoughts reached out to support to de-escalate the matter. One organisation offered great support, insight and got me a bed in a psychiatric hospital in a voluntary capacity but another did not offer any support whatsoever. The latter was a charity organisation known as Mental Health Matters (MHM http://mhm.org.uk) that made the situation worse. Mental Health Matters get funding support from the NHS.

Mental Health Matters (MHM) who I thought would have a listening ear and understand the severe natures of mood and psychotic symptoms had zero ideas about the nature of those living with severe and enduring mental issues, and especially those with psychotic symptoms.

The night was a terrible experience for me and frightening at that and was specially made worst whilst on a call to mental health matters. And it is lucky I keep recordings of my conversations for later referral so I can understand my severe mental illness during the occasions when they go downhill!

That night I was experiencing a matter that is one of my triggers that being war. Whilst in an episode the TV, quite a common matter in psychotic episodes, was talking at me and explaining that war was going to start that night and this was highly likely and I needed to take action to reduce its likelihood by using special powers, psychotic thoughts at that, to psychically bring the world to order with twelve others I'm linked together with during the uprising of a war.

I rang mental health matters after ringing home treatment so they could also take me through this difficult night and was listening to the TV at that time. Because I was talking about war the mental health matters worker stating clearly that the call was "inappropriate". How can a call when from somebody with psychotic symptoms to mental health matters be inappropriate, I thought they are there for supporting those with severe mental illnesses.

That did not end the matter for a raised a complaint about that night with mental health matters (MHM) but their response was nothing short of disgusting.

With my first call, the complaint was noted but the reply to my complaint after an investigation was:-

1. They didn't record the telephone call at my request so couldn't carry out a full investigation.
2. That the individual concerned that took the telephone call explained that their privacy was important! What, it's my privacy not their's that is important, and what are they trying to hide?
3. That privacy was explained and that they heard another individual in the room when it was the TV, and that I should move to a quieter environment. What, whilst in psychosis!
4. And that they terminated the telephone call. What, I terminated the telephone call because of my psychotic feelings, thoughts and severe mental state. And if they did terminate the call it is absolutely disgusting!

I've had nothing but a brush off with raising the complaint to mental health matters and almost to the point of them wishing to drop the complaint in 10 days if I don't formally complain by writing to a postal address. I thought the purpose of complaint procedures was to ease the process not to escalate the matter further! One of their letters was not even on headed paper and was not even signed.

My advise if you don't wish your mental health escalated to further psychosis is don't use Mental Health Matters they are harmful to your health.

My email address is mark @ domain of the forum. terms of use of site in announcements.

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