The stick and carrot approach to psychiatry.

Mental health care: good, bad, or just plain ugly?

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The stick and carrot approach to psychiatry.

Post by embleton » Tue May 02, 2017 1:11 pm

The stick and carrot approach to psychiatric intensive care units (PICU) and psychiatric care in the United Kingdom. Is a PICU, usually a short stay hospital. An establishment that will and does apply a stick and carrot approach to care acceptable in a setting these days, using only drugs?

When is it acceptable to refer to these establishments as that for those with troublesome and violent behavioural issues. Plenty of individuals have in fact committed no crime or even violence. But are under the hold of a civil mental health section 2 or 3 for none conformity or unusual behaviour.

And even talking about dreams or their life in an exaggerated fashion. Something that should be freedom of speech, and should be allowed to everybody. But because we’re classified ill is discouraged with a big stick and an admission to a prison of psychiatry.

Even keeping up our living space unacceptably is a mental section offence. When the establishment is unwilling to provide the resources for the upkeep is unbelievable, what is this but discrimination at its height.

Even a friend of mine got sectioned for having wiring in the house that was old. And inadequate washing facilities, for they didn’t have the funds. The outcome, a mental health section.

What is the stick; it’s the threat that one will be admitted or sent more accurately to highly restricted doors locked psychiatric unit, without activities. No access to the food we like, limited access to a phone, sometimes readily available in the community or in our own home.

This isn’t even up to the standard of a prison for criminals.

The carrots are to be confined to a better room, access to the garden, talks on psychology that must be expressed in their way. Access to a computer, to be allowed more human rights out of a limited space that drives one crazy.

Foremost it should be pointed out that the only therapy is psychotropic drugs. When these hospitals should and must work through the difficulties individuals have experienced in the community that force their mind to become unwell for biological and environmental factors causing mental illness.

Its the pressure of conformity in our society of living to an acceptable standard of those living well. Usually, one that isn’t supported by the establishment, that chronicles a revolving door syndrome for those suffering from severe and enduring mental health.

Illnesses that follow a course that has a poor prognosis with even adequate care. Something beyond our time, and primarily support with the difficulties of our troublesome environment, when excluded and discriminated against daily, by society and our care providers.

The type of illnesses that I’m talking about mentally are bipolar, schizoaffective and schizophrenia disorder. Should we even accept the “disorder” label from psychiatry, and would the label warrant one acceptable for a physical illness?

The fact that psychiatric services state they use a holistic approach when it isn’t the case. Is this acceptable when the only treatment, which is a management for those living with mental illnesses, with poorly and outdated psychotropics that will not improve without funding.

Over the latter years in the United Kingdom funding has been dropped for day centres when they should have been greatly enhanced and more fitting to those living with enduring mental illnesses. As an example there are day centres for those with learning difficulties, that have been classified as those fitting for those living with mental illnesses, it's completely unbelievable to see what we have to endure.

When social and psychiatric care in the community and even the social benefits system must support individuals in the community to alleviate the pressure of everyday life. As these pressures do have a great deal of impact to them breaking down mentally in the community firstly and mostly.

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The stick and carrot approach to psychiatry

Post by bennieTek » Tue Apr 23, 2019 4:50 pm

I suggest spreding the word verbaly, if the person who has it dosnt use the boards, they may not be aware.

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